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Love tutoring and mentoring? Let's make a difference in this city and a child's life. Tutor Doctor has an amazing approach to diagnosing and repairing any education gaps. We are looking for passionate tutors for all grades and all subjects. If you're looking for some supplemental income and want to help students in the process - this is the perfect opportunity for you. Tutor Doctor 901 is a local based company serving the Greater Memphis area.

WE HAVE IMMEDIATE OPENINGS FOR ALL GRADES AND TUTORING SUBJECTS, including elementary, middle school, and high school subjects. Upper level math (Algebra, Geometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Statistics) and science tutors are in high demand, as well as Spanish, and ACT test prep. We also have after school small group tutoring opportunities available.

Schedules are flexible and families are great!


Our prime tutoring hours occur between 3:30 and 9:00pm, Mon-Thur and weekends for private tutoring and 3:45-5:45pm Mon-Fri for after school sessions, although other times are sometimes requested. Our average tutor works 3-6 hours a week but we can get our strong tutors filled up to their capacity pretty quickly.


We support our tutors by:

DUTIES (After School Tutors)

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